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Well, Pure Like Honey, my last blog didn’t last long. I don’t know why I keep doing that. I need to stop switching names all the time. I did finally get a new Gmail address, but that’s because I was inspired by listening to David Bowie too much. I’m trying to keep all my emails and screen-names the same for a while. I change them way too much. My AIM is still the same, and so is my email. And that…well, I hope it stays haha.


I haven’t decided on a blog name yet only because so many are running through my head. So far I’ve got two ideas down: New Killer Star, which is a song by David Bowie and Artic Star . I just don’t know yet. I’m hoping an idea of some sort will come to me. I might ask some people and see what some ideas are, maybe I can string something together.


But for now, life. It’s been…surprisingly really good here lately. At work I have finally accomplished the cash register and the abbreviations of the food where I work. I no longer have to ask people things all the time, nor do I mess up orders. I even got a compliment from a boss of mine which made me feel really good. I’m never short in my drawer—a big worry of mine because my Math skills are for shit, to be honest. I’ve been getting a lot of work days. The week before I had a total of six, then five, and this week I’ve gotten six days altogether. That’s a lot but when I get paid it will be worth it. I can start to build up a nice little nest egg. I’ve got a good one so far, and this will be even better. And it’s not like my shifts are super long. I work anywhere from 9-4 or 5 or 10-11 to 4 or 5. Those are the times I get scheduled. I like the days where I work at 11 because I don’t have to get up super early.


Though now, I’m getting used to it. I don’t mind waking up so early. I can get done what needs to be done and have the whole day off—that’s amazing.


Another thing that’s nice is I think I’m making a friend out of someone I didn’t really know that good in high school. She comes in and says hi and we talk once in a while, so maybe we’ll hang out and become friends. You can always use more friends. I have work friends but they are underage, and it’s hard to hang out with them only because they have curfew and I don’t. But most of them are 17+ so it’s not that bad. And they’re really cool.


I’m just glad to have people to talk to I think. Before I didn’t have a job and I didn’t do…anything. I just played around on the computer, ate food and gained weight. It was a depression of the ultimate sorts. But now I’ve lost weight I feel better about myself and I have friends again.


I think I’m going to end this random entry here. Talk to you later.

One thought on “Return To blogging

  1. Georgina says:

    Welcome back! I remember you. 😀 I hope you keep on blogging. I remember liking your posts very much.

    I am one of those people who just gets a million emails and finally, decide to settle on one. I’ve decided to have a Gmail with my name, so that all my emails can go there instead of me having to check multiple emails. I used to have so many other accounts because I’d update it every year. It makes it annoying to keep in touch with people though.

    You mean Arctic Star, not Artic Star? I like that. 🙂

    I just started a new job and I’m waiting for that day when I finally completely familiarise myself with everything. It’s in an office, not at a counter, but same deal. It’s a good feeling I bet! My maths is terrible too, I would do horridly as a checkout chick or in any occupation with maths.

    I sometimes feel like a loner, just someone who spends their days on the computer all the time. I still am, but I love getting out too, so I don’t consider myself a lazy slag or anything. Computers are cool, dude. 😉

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